Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A smörgåsbord of things to offend Mumbles

Extra! Extra!

Why should Mumbles limit himself to hysterically overreacting to headlines just from the NY rags? With the power of the internet, he can now post Nicholas Fehn-esque alarms to stories nationwide!

Newseum posts the front pages of every paper in the country every day in pdf form. Maybe not every paper, but so many that it hardly makes a difference. Now Mumbles can rail against The Hutchinson News' (Hutchinson, Kansas) blatant waste of reporting efforts while covering this janitor's stolen bike on their front page. Eddie Ross, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Caveat and photo notes in More -> ->

Due to copyright or something, Newseum doesn't archive the front pages, which kind of sucks, but is understandable.

Photo of "Little Fattie" came from this page of cool photos, many of which I can almost guarantee you will see when I can find an excuse to use them.

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