Friday, October 24, 2008

Big-Boy Toys: Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Chicks like having their picture taken. Get a real camera. Get chicks.

Okay, you are a big boy now. Time to get rid of the little camera you have that fits in your pocket. All the fancy clothes, whitened teeth and $80 haircuts are for naught when you pull out your dinkycam as big as a cigarette pack and begin poking at its smurf-sized controls with your sausage fingers. The girls you are trying to take pictures of are already looking around the beach bar for someone who doesn't remind them of a Chris Farley skit. If you want to carry something the size of a cigarette pack in your pocket, carry a pack of cigarettes. If you want to look like a big man, get a big man's camera; get the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. It has "Rebel" right in the fucking name. The holidays are coming, treat yourself or get it for your big daddy. Whatever your thing is. Half-ass review after the break, plus links to real reviews. More ->->

Like any good trophy, this bad boy just looks good sitting there, and it only gets better from there. Brand new this year, this model boasts 12 mega-pixels of resolution. That level is getting so high at this point that there is argument among photo-geeks that any more resolution than this and the event horizon for picture quality will have been passed and picture quality actually begins to degrade any higher. Why? Science and math, I guess. Ask a photo geek.

Now, you don't actually need to be a photo geek to enjoy the love of this sweet piece. Like a high-class hooker, the Rebel knows how to please virgins and addicts alike. This is a great camera for the first timer, all of its features can be auto-set to take the perfect picture. If you have never used an advanced camera, the only difference you will probably notice is that there is no delay between pressing the button and the photo being taken. On your standard pocket-cam, I am sure you know, there is an annoying pause between the two that almost always results in missing the nipple slip. No longer. What you see is what you photo with the Rebel.

You can introduce the advanced features slowly, one at a time, and improve your photo taking across the board. Or, if you are already an expert, you can pick this up and start photographing swimsuit models right away. The perfect camera for people looking to make the leap. Read the reviews and check out all the tech specs at Amazon. Currently listed there for $654.95.

So what are you waiting for? Quit jerking around with the kiddie cams and go grab that big boy and start planning your trip to St. Bart's for some hot beach pics. Your new career as a paparazzi could be just around the corner. You could have taken this photo:

Kirsten Dunst does more for me off screen than on.

Lead picture came from the great Aneta Kowalczyk, who knows how to use a camera.

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