Saturday, October 18, 2008

Facebook Kills (Cocaine and Booze Helped)

Warning: Don't mix with Facebook

Lots of shit on Facebook pisses me off. Everyone hates the applications, of course. The updates can get ridiculous. I have a buddy who posts 20-30 partisan political links a day, more than he could actually be looking for, reading and linking since he has an actual full-time job which, to the best of my knowledge, is not related to posting political links. Actually does something with fire-extinguishers, I think.

Anyway, this guy is a bit over the top:
A husband who hacked his wife to death with a meat cleaver in fury over her Facebook entry was jailed for a minimum of 14 years at the Old Bailey today.

Wayne Forrester, 34, drank alcohol and took cocaine before driving 15 miles to the family home to attack wife Emma as she lay in bed.
The couple had separated four days before the murder in February and Forrester later told police he had been provoked by his wife changing her marital status to "single" on her Facebook entry, the court heard.
Pile of strange little details in this story. Walking out, covered in blood and with a carton of juice was a curious scene. Not sure how the reporter reconciles the "14 year" sentence bit at the beginning with the "jailing for life" bit a couple paragraphs later, but it is England, who knows if they even have laws over there. Or maybe they know when they guy is going to die.

I do like how the writer of the headline decided to accurately reflect the fact that the killing was merely after the posting, rather than calling it the cause. Like an American paper probably would. Like I did in the post heading. Which was me actually being sensationalist, not me being ironic.

How much you want to bet that almost all outside traffic for this post comes from people looking for information about "Scrabulous"?

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