Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are Pandas Hipsters?

Man! I love pandas! My desktop wallpaper is a picture of four fat pandas sitting in a tree. I’m serious. So cute. Nah…it’s really just there to confuse my coworkers, but I digress.

So are pandas hipsters? What’s a panda? A cute, adorable, herbivorean, black and white bear like creature? What’s a hipster? A fuckin’ douche who loves all things 80’s. Chicks wear the aerobic stuff, dudes wear acid washed jeans.

Panda "Gettin' Physical, Physical," Hipster being a complete douche.

So I guess a panda who loves aerobic outfits or acid washed would be a hipster…?


Or at least this panda in the following video loves stone-wash, so technically, he does not qualify as a hipster. Which, in my book, actually makes him more hip. He loves the stonewash style so much he ass rapes this poor chinaman and then almost drags his skinny bones through two fence posts that you could barely fit a slice a pizza through just to get his beloved new obsession.

Then he lumbers away and playfully rolls around with it rubbing it all on his cute panda death mouth. Enjoy. Video after the jump.

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