Monday, June 28, 2010

The Side Door At Beacon Restaurant : Pop-Up Intro Menu

Saw this yesterday around lunch time and was highly intrigued. I hung around long enough and she gave a me a five dollar coupon. That left me with a bill of 5 bucks for a high quality lunch. Chips (Wise All Natural Potato Chips), Soda (Sprite or Coke) and Tax Included! Click through for menu, photos and all the other scrumptious details.

This is the Beacon at Night. The Side Door @ the Beacon is pretty self explanatory to me, but in case you need further explanation it's actually to the right side of the door. Oh and it's really only half a door which kind of looks like a window.

This is what they actually look like...but they taste much better than they look. The hotdog was stellar, two all beef dogs crammed into a po-boy roll. The sweet relish was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I didn't taste the parmesan though. Although, I didn't really give much time to savor the flavors cause it was so damn good I ate the thing it almost one fell swoop.

Don't get me wrong, the burger was great too. I had heard there were probablems with not letting the patty wrest and you ended up with a bun that was covered in blood. Not so today. It was all in all delicious and a steal for even $10 dollars in Midtown.



Went back again today. Note to self. Don't show up at the supposed "opening time" of 11:30. Didn't open til 12pm. I guess the dogs had been sitting in the heater since the half. Buns were rock hard. I don't mind eating withe a knif and a fork, but come on. Still will go back next week though. 12:30 seems the most opportune time. Or call. The numbers on the menu above. I still can't figure what's all in the relish, though. Answers in the comments would be appreciated. (chips and pickle and keyboard in picture below do not come with...)

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