Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking For That Special Someone?

Sorry I've been so lazy lately. But there's nothing like discovering a gay thug love dating website to get these fingers tapping again. Due to mumbletomyneighbor's dedication to bringing you all things fresh and new from the online dating forum of the world wide web, I give you

This site is hilarious. It has always amazed me as to why real thugs tolerate such things as gay thugs. I mean if I walked around my hood trying to be hard they wouldn't allow that for a minute. Why is it okay for a man that openly dreams of a Jonas Bros. foursome to walk around acting hard? I find it hard to believe that Omar Little was a real person. Click through for some real life profiles from the Number 1 Gay Thug Website. (There's more than one? Good Grief...)

Here's Proof. Surporisingly they are all "Man looking for a Man"...

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