Friday, October 31, 2008

64 Track All Vocal Video Version of MJ's Thriller!

François Macré, before and after the 350 hour transformation.

You may not have heard of one of Bjork's weird creations, Medulla, which debuted in 2004. The thing that made it stand out and forced me to listen it (once and once only) was that it was comprised entirely of vocal tracks. Anything that sounded like instrumentation was a human voice. It brought me back to the amazement I had after first seeing that guy from Police Academy make all those different sounds in his stand-up act.

Well, François Macré, a crazy frenchman with waaaaay too much time on his hands (took him 350 hours) has recreated Michael Jackson's amazing, Thriller. It's one thing to create a song with the idea of vocals only in mind, you set limits. Here, he takes the complex tune close to its original level, using 64 tracks, a computer, a mic and a little reverb and chorus for effects. The cool thing is each track is layed out on the screen in succession and when that track is utilized video of him making the sound shows in the square of the represented track. I enjoyed it, maybe you will to. Video after the jump. Can you find the track where he's merely eating crackers? Happy Halloween, kids....

His MySpace page, here.

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