Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad AssVertising: Honda Cog Commercial

Some of you may have read the previous post regarding Rube Goldberg's wacky inventions (if not go now, I'll wait, it's right below this one...) and said, damn Mumbles, where do you get all those interesting ideas? I would have to tell you that I steal them. From people who do their own thinking and are extremely creative. Like the awesome ad agency of Wieden+Kennedy. These guys took the Goldberg concept to a whole other level. Think like, the Large Hadron Collider of auto commercials. They took the 2 of the gayest cars (accords) and dissasembled them piece by piece, oh yeah they were handmade pre-production versions, too. and then devised a way to construct each piece into a "Mousetrap" like domino effect where "a wheel rolls into a screw, which hits another screw, which pops an air, which makes a seatbelt unbuckle..." and so on and so on. The final action is also ingeniously clever, but really would expect anything less from an ad agency in which requires all employees to have an IQ of 160 just to get in the door? Oh yeah, and they let you smoke weed and drink beer at work! More awesome facts to this much built up commercial and the video itself after the break. Trust me. This-Will-Not-Disappoint.

Some of the more amazing things about the commercial
  • No computer graphics were
  • Everything is filmed in real time
  • This version you see was the 606th take.
  • 1 mistake and everything had to start over
  • They filmed day and night for 4 days
  • It took 3 months to complete
  • It cost 6 million dollars
  • Honda execs approved the budget immediately
  • This commercial required the disassembly of 2 of only 6 handmade Accords in the world
  • After debuting on the internet in April of 2003, visitors to Honda's website quadrupled
  • I know I said accords are gay but I kind of wanted one when I was in high school
So here it is in all its glory. What's the coolest thing you've ever thought of?

"What's that? If you suck coca cola up your nostrils you can make it come out of your mouth?"

Gimme a break.

You can get the lengthy version of the story here at

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Dale Bookout said...

The filming was divided into two parts, one part would have been too expensive. The joint is at the muffler. I couldn't tell even when I watched it over again.