Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bizarre, Creepy and Sexy Halloween Costumes

You have to love those guys at Cracked.com, they really have the ridiculous Halloween costume photos, down! A couple of years ago they did a review of the weird Japanese shit that's out there (if you've ever heard of their porn, their costumes are weirder, like the one above) I have taken the time to peruse all types of sites offering the bizarre, the vintage and the sexy.

I'll start with the bizarre cause they are the most entertaining. Then we'll give a brief few seconds to Wired.com's article regarding some nutjob who is obsessed with old-old costumes. Or photos of people wearing them. And some of them are creepy. Lastly, I'll cover a few of the costumes and sites of the sexier set, you know, for all of you who have girlfriends (real or imaginary).


Skippomac's costume this year

More photos and links after the jump.

The old, "My head has been digested by a pig" costume

Japanese people really, really love hotdogs and any way to fashion something that looks like a penis hanging between your legs.

I think this is called, "The Dick Cycle" costume


Hey, can you tell we're in Germany? Of course you can, they love their racists costumes. Clowns are black....

...and so are cavemen! Didn't ya know?

You know Siemens, the large german cell phone manufacturer? Well their extensive team of engineeers spent years developing THE FIRST HUMAN CELLPHONE. No bluetooth earpiece need, just talk to the receiver. Located under the zero button.


DreidelMan, part of that reparation deal, I guess.


These are interesting and a little creepy. Just because people were poor, it didn't stop the kids from having a good ole time trick or treatin' for rusty nails and bread scraps.
The Kung Fat Master

The kids Michael Myers stole all his shit from.


This is the reason I love Halloween so much. It gives every girl a complete excuse to dress like a complete slut and lose all inhibitions. Well, so the story goes for every halloween party I don't get invited to. My past celebrations usually involve a smorgasbord of the cheapest liquors available for purchase, four or five fat girls with bad skin and about 20 dudes with beards talking about the last metal show they went to. I think this year I'm just gonna cut out the fat chicks and dudes with beards. Keep the cheap liquor and read blogs about those parties with hot chicks and pretend...Those hot chicks may or may not be dressed like this:

Star Wars! Jabba slave Princess Leia!

Some Kind of Army Shit!

A cop that will write you a ticket for being naughty!

Whore Mummy (aka, your mom...)

These are only a few of the many. Be sure to check out the links below to get the full sampling.

Japs and Germs and the World

Old Kids

Sluts and Floozies

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