Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mormon Explanation for the Origin of Black People

Black people aren't down with Jesus.

I used to know this kid in High School who was Mormon. Besides having a weird girl name (Cary) he was fairly normal. We didn't have any black people at our school so I never got see him enact with anyone except for white people in a one on one situation. But according to this cartoon, he thought they were aliens and not cool with Jesus. Now that I think about it, we used to screw with him in the locker room because he was still wearing cartoon underwear in the eleventh I guess that's pretty weird too.
"They decided to put all of Elohim’s many children on a planet, and that the planet needed a savior the bid, for it came down to Jesus and to Lucifer. But Jesus won out because he had unselfish reasons. But then Lucifer revolted and turned many of Elohim’s children against him, and they were banished to the earth, never to have physical bodies. The people who were on the side of Jesus were very light skinned. And the people who remained neutral in the battle, their skinned turned black and this is the Mormon explanation for the black race."

Mormonism Exposed

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