Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Billion Dollars and the Shit Still Don't Work


I know that everything I post in here is lost in the cosmos of this short attention span theater in about 24 hours, but I'm gonna let you in on the secret of why all our sorry asses are still alive.

If you can think back awhile, way past 15 minutes ago when you were going "peepee in your pampy," to like, 5 weeks ago? I warned you that the scientists, with all their curiosity were about to get us cats killed. They started that experiment with a huge machine that cost 8 billion dollars that was supposed to recreate the big bang. See, they didn't know what was gonna happen when they succeeded (cause no one was around to know) but they thought it would be cool and were gonna do it anyway. That was until they were reminded that they were human and like a retard with a new christmas present, broke the machine in about 4 weeks.

So they didn't get that puppy warmed up enough to "test it." But you can imagine that they are working their little fannies off trying to go for it again and when they'll die.

Happy Friday from mumbles.

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