Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Which one is the best fake Dogfish? You decide!

There is a new breed of a strange looking, prehistoric type dogfish that has washed up onshore at an undisclosed location, by an undisclosed person at an undisclosed time. I call "bullshit" first! The thing is when we got to talking about it, this ain't the first fake dogfish to be found on the intrawebs. They're everywhere! I've collected three good ones, with some commentary and analysis. Wait til you see the video of "Dogfish C," he's so real and cute you're gonna immediately attempt to train your dog (at the sight of a Beggin Strip!) to hump your pet goldfish in the footsteps of your Idol, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, aka the real life Dr. Moreau. Click through for all the details and video.

Dogfish A

The thing you have to think about in this picture is the amount of time it takes to create a fake photo in photoshop versus creating a fake animal with some paint and glue. My photshop skills are three-legged dog at best, but this one looks like it would take some time. The obvious errors that are pointed out below are baffling. I mean why would it take so much time to snap the photos that all the seagulls leave in the second photo. And have time for the pink seacow to show up in the third? And the fourth photo? Why would they need to cut and past the dogfish back into the same background? And do so as horrible as they did? I mean the mistake wouldn't have been noticeable if they would have cropped it. [CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS]

Dogfish B

This looks as if it were an entry to a photoshop contest held everyday on the website Worth1000. This is a great site and the "artists" on there amazing. I mean, while you guys are trying to cut and paste your best friends face onto that of the fat girl you tried to finger bang last night, the true professionals are spending their time creating masterpieces such as those below.

Dogfish C

This one wins. Watch. The soundtrack makes me wispy.

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Dogfish A: Academifantasia
Dogfish B: Worth1000

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chripostrophe said...

out of shear photoshop inventiveness, i'm saying B. but clearly, A is the most badass of the three, i.e. would totally kick the shit out of B & C.

i think C is a real dog i saw in the UES...