Thursday, March 5, 2009

Russian Nuclear Power Plant Calendar Goes Nuclear

Russia never ceases to entertain. When times get tough, why not make a calendar! You know, to remind everyone of that nuclear success that was Chernobyl which required the evacuation and resettlement of 336,000 people and cost $200 billion to only partially repair. (I know it's technically the Ukraine, but to me, Soviet Union will always be considered Russia...)

Never you mind, the calendar will not feature the human and animal victims mutated after the fallout. That wouldn't sell too well! It's going to feature females who are employed in Russian power plants. All proceeds will go to the funding of Putin's Russian Major Motion Picture debut, PUTIN POWER! Putin single-handedly destroys the USA, and then China. Oh and he crushes Georgia on his way back from getting a pack of cigarettes. 11 more photos of the nominees after the jump.

Photos from EnglishRussia

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