Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fat Kids: Fat Kid Lights Himself on Fire

Fat Kids have always been a source of entertainment for me. While chatting with Skippomac today he sent me another link proving that Texas is yet again the most badass state in the land. I told you previously about the Texas High School basketball team that was beaten 100-0 (they were mentally handicapped, the victors, NOT!) Well here we have "Fight Clubs being held at the home of the retarded"

Apparently the school has been around since 1970 and has the most entertaining physical education program in the world.

He told me he was conflicted about that and I was like, "Why? Free + Awesome = Unconflicted"

Then he goes on: "I would love to stage retard fights, but I know it is something you just think about, not actually DO."

That my friends is the difference between a Texan and an Oregonian. This is the first in a new segment I am gonna call 'Fat Kids.' It's basically going to surround the theme of fat kids doing stupid shit and people doing stupid shit to fat kids. After the jump, watch a fat kid spray HIMSELF down with lighter fluid and set himself on fire. What do you think happens? FREE + AWESOME, that's what happens.

Here are some screenshots for the technologically impaired.

Retards Can't Jump

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woodenteeth said...

i want more latarian updates.. "its cool to do bad things"