Monday, March 9, 2009

Add Bacon To Any Website To Make It Better © Mumbles

What's better than a website full of hot chicks? (Trying to keep this safe for work, pervs...) A website full of hot chicks covered in bacon! Thanks to some weirdo with too much time on his hands, this effect can be achieved on any site. Click through for the how to!

I just suckered you into the click through! Just type the full website address (with http://) after:

For example this blog would be:

If you want to make links more interesting, I suggest typing original link and then inserting the bacon hyperlink so the users have no idea what the hell happened. Like this:

In gmail, just type the link as the receiver is used to seeing it, then insert the hyperlink by pressing:

In outlook, just type CTRL + K or Insert -> Hyperlink and type desired text as below:

Ok, now have a blast wasting you and your coworkers time! Chickipedia and other Pedia Websites were reviewed before here at : Pedia Websites

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Detex said...

yeah chickipedia!