Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marky Mark Workout Video

Marky Mark : Kizzee! You Pig! What are you doin?
Kizzee: What? I'm eating some grub
Marky Mark : What are you doin?
Kizzee: I'm eating some grub! (says with mouth full) Can't I eat some grub?
Marky Mark : What are you eatin?
Kizzee: I got all the groups here.
Marky Mark : This is a fitness video.
Kizzee: Your fitness video. Whats the difference between me eating this (huge plate of sub sandwiches and you eating that? (points to nothing)
Marky Mark : Come on, I got a nutritionist I want to introduce you to.
Kizzee: What's he gonna tell me that I don't already know?
Marky Mark : THAT YOUR A PIG! POW!

Classically Funky! Click through to watch him do what he does best. What is that you might ask? BE A BADASS! THAT'S WHAT!

Thanks for the link, Larrocca!

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