Monday, December 1, 2008

Whopper Virgins

These virgins will do ANYTHING for a whopper!

Get your mind out of the gutter you gluttonous, pervert! The heavens have not answered your prayers and finally made a porno about your two favorite things! What can this be you ask? Oh well, you'll only have to wait only to wait 5 Days 11 Hours 50 Minutes 10 Seconds to be disappointed.

Ok, Ok, I'll stop with the suspense so you can stop dancing around like you're doing the Pee Pee Dance. Click through for all the answers.

Well you know that huge grudge match that is currently going on that rivals the Cold War? No, not America's War on Terror. No, not America's War on Drugs. And no, not America's War on Keeping the Black Man Down. (that's over, in case you don't read newspapers...) It's grudge match between Burger King and McDonald's! Talk about taking it to a new level! They are going all out this time. Burger King has paid for a documentary that follows one man, Stacey Peralta, the legendary skateboarder and one of the original members of the Z Boys (Dogtown and the Z boys, he directed that too but is now doing glorified commercials for hamburgers) via:

"13 planes, 2 dog sleds, 1 helicopter. From a remote hill village in Thailand, a rural farming community in Romania and the icy tundra of Greenland. Real locations. Real burgers. Real Whopper Virgins. No nostalgia, no preconceived notions. No kings or clowns."
I gotta stop and say BURN!!!! on that one. They continue with all the boring details to give it some legitimacy:

"Watch the Whopper Virgins take their first bite. Conducted by independent, third party researchers.See what people think when no one has told them what to think. Whopper vs. Big Mac. See what the Whopper Virgins will decide."
Damnnnn! That's some powerful shit! I can't wait. I wonder what they will decide? will the special sauce throw them off? Will the size comparison be off putting? Wait a minute....It's called Whopper Virgins! Not Burger Virgins! Dammit! I call a do over! DO OVER! I have been kind enough to place the screenshot by screenshot so you don't have to sit through the annoying presentation method they opted for on their website.

Whopper Virgins

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Expat Nat said...

um.. pretty effing disturbing. Clearly the mac is being discriminated against and I'm in protest.