Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Childcare in the Recession

We have expanded, well, whatever the opposite of that word is, to giving you links and short snippets of things we find interesting due to the rigor of the end of the year. (contemplating suicide, drinking heavily, and contemplating suicide again)

So here is a child care segment from the Orange County Public Broadcasting, that makes me want to have a child.

Skippomac contends his children are indeed a blessing due to his immense amount of time for practicing beer can throwing. (He coined that not me, I just steal the phrase with reckless abandon, giving no credit to it's author).

In essence, when Daddy is out of a beer, you throw the empty at his head until he knows better than to leave you thirsty. Skippomac's children, Whitey and Darkie, 2 and 4, respectively, are a little slow to the take. (They take after their father)

Due to the fact that they don't understand "the game," his house is littered with beer cans, dented children and a disgruntled wife that was forced to decorate the family tree, with, you guessed it, dented beer cans.

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Expat Nat said...

Firstly... I am soo mad and I'm telling EVERYONE that you are not the author of throwing cans at the kids.. Secondly, WTF dude, the kid can't even catch a frisbee.