Monday, December 29, 2008

Kitten Breaks Leg, Angel Dies

"Did it for the pain medication..."

I've always had a thing for animal videos, I know it's gay, but they seem to be pretty popular on the web so I guess I'm not the only homo with a computer. This post will stick to cats and the previous feline posts here at mumbletomyneighbor.

We had that one of s cat getting a pail of water dumped on him, one of the first blogs to give you the famed Spaghetti Cat and some dumb video of a cat eating pizza. I just can't believe the demand for ridiculous shit about cats. People just eat it up. And why are all these people on the internet looking at fake cats, blogging about virtual cats when they could be sitting on their kitchen tile floor, putting masking tape on their cats feet and a large sprinkle of catnip right between the ears? Now that's entertainment. But I'm pretty sure that's how this little kitty got his leg broke and his owner is most definitely going to hell.

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Skippomac said...

That cat looks like it has an uncircumcised penis growing from its shoulder.