Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Raffella Fico Auctions Virginity, Italy Screams Bastardo!

Yet another girl in almost 2 weeks is selling her virginity. Last week Natalie Dylan announced she was going to auction of her virginity to pay for college. So far, highest bid is $50,000. Good luck with that one, dogface! My guess Raffella Fico, an italian showgirl and model, will do much better. Photos after the jump.

Natalie "Dogface" Dylan: $50,000

Rafella "Right On" Fico: $1,000,000 Euros

Telegraph UK
Dogface Dylan



Katro said...

Is that something you'd want to brag about? Winning the bids for these I mean.

Dale Bookout said...

I don't know, I'd be hard pressed to keep the Raffella encounter a secret. I'd be quiet about Dogface, though.