Thursday, September 18, 2008

Best Non-Wikipedia Pedia Websites

Wired published a good article a while back on these sites. A non wikipedia website is a wikipedia looking site that allows free editing. Some of these sites are pointless. But for the fanaticism in you, whether it be chicks, dicks (you'll see) or the hit show Lost, then these are for you. I personally enjoy the conspiracy theorists oriented, Tin-Wiki, but some think I'm batshit crazy, sooo... Links and examples and more sites after the jump.

So for example, you have these wonderful excerpts (click on pictures for larger version):

Chikipedia: For the desperate desire that you all have for finding swinging, swagging tits and asses, this is for you. Comes complete with all their info (no telephone numbers, stalkers) and their measurements cause you will never ever get close enough to even guess for yourself!

Dealipedia: which gives you all merger and acquisition activity as well as the metric of investment versus disinvestment that may or may not show you that your FRESH idea wasn't so fresh after all.

Dickipedia: Stop it. This site isn't for the Gays! It's for the assholes! Don't worry, you won't ever be rich or famous enough to get on here. Not alot of content, so get to writing. How can their not be an entry on Dane Cook? Come on, people!

Congresspedia: Has a nice ring to it, huh? If you ever wanna understand what the hell Skippomac's talking about in his high falutin, high brow posts (I still don't so how so many people think I am the author of his posts, I got a reputation to keep up, people!) then this site could be a good start. It's not limited to just people, as shown by the image below.

Wookiepedia: For those of you who have constantly been searching for to no avail, then this site is for you. Everything you need to know about George "Jerkoff" Lucas in one convenient place. So you never have to leave the house. To even go to the library. And maybe interact with a human being. I really love Ewoks, though. When I get rich im gonna get a nice one and a little monkey and a little horse. I think I'll make the Ewok the boss. And get me beers, of course.

Lostipedia: I have to admit, I'm addicted to this show. I'll probably get a bottle of whiskey tonight and sit around and read the site and rewatch from season 1. I know, I'm a loser. Sun is so hot and she even speaks English!

Uncyclopedia: This is where I am going to start going when a post isn't "sexy" enough. Skippomac's always telling me, "Mumbles, when I read your posts, I wanna see Sexy!" Uncyclopedia is a parody of an encyclopedia. Sure none of the shit is true, but it's a lot more entertaining than boring old Wikipedia.

Tin-Wiki: My favorite! All kinds of shit on here to keep you up at night! With it's first post ever being the Anti-Masonic Party to it's most recent being on Coast to Coast AM, the radio talk show relating to paranormal activity or conspiracy theory related topics. Calling all freaks! It's also a source for my research as evidenced by the previous posts SCIENCE EXPLAINED: BLACK HOLE GENERATOR OR LARGE HADRON COLLIDER and Plum Island of Dr. Moreau.

What gives with the Rolling Stones page being deleted? Hmmm....

Wired also posted Pedialyte, but that's just stupid. If you wanna see their list, which pales in comparison to mine (I added Tin-Wiki!), go here.

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