Monday, March 29, 2010

Fill in the Blank: Marmaduke = Dog _ _ _ _

Owen Wilson! Keifer Sutherland! Fergie! All in one movie! My Dreams have come true! Oh's about dogs? No...they are dogs? No...they are the voices of dogs? Oh, then this movie must be dogshit. Seriously, this must be one step of the 12 in dealing with addiction cause i see no reason why this pill popper/alcoholic/meth whore (respectively) would ever sign on to do a movie like this. I mean, come on, if George Lopez is invited to the party going to the party should not be an option. A drive by, yes, devoting a few months of your life in voice over work is a definite no.I would rather get mouth raped with a crowbar than sit through this piece of shit. But me a favor and watch the trailer while nodding in agreement.

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