Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Renounce Your Citizenship, Erase Your Debt and Join a Cult

I was reading the NY Post today on the train coming to work in order stop staring at the most disgusting behemoth of a woman to ever have a short, South American (that's redundant, isn't it?) attempt to place his arms around her. And the article I got stuck on was about this drunken half Pakistani/Afghan who ran into a livery cab and killed the driver and this hot passenger. So immediately I was like, "You bastard!"

Daryush Omar and victim Panayiota "Penny" Demetriou

The guy looked just like any other wannabe thug from Jersey. The US had tried to deport him a number of times but unlike any other thug from New Jersey, he had a brain and used it. He renounced his Afghani citizenship thereby thwarting the men in charge with the question of "Where to deport him to?" So he avoided deportation and killed two people.

But back to the "how to" of the title....answer after the break.

No I know this is a convoluted way to get to the point but I started thinking a few things:
  1. Good God that woman is fat! (see above)
  2. Good God that man is short! (see above)
  3. How do you renounce your citizenship?
  4. Could this be used as a cleaner but more complicated way of absolving yourself of your debts? (providing you didn't mind moving to another country...)
So with little effort I found almost all my answers on The Straight Dope. They said:

(1) Travel to a country with which the U.S. has liberal entry/exit policies, i.e., where all that is needed to enter/exit is a birth certificate.
(2) Renounce citizenship in the U.S. embassy there.
(3) Do not indicate what citizenship you'll be acquiring.
(4) Get back to U.S. soil with your birth certificate.
(5) Wait for the state department to issue your certificate of loss of nationality without noticing you did not truly emigrate anywhere.
(6) Have a local court rule that you have an underlying `natural' nationality that entitles you to live on U.S. soil without being a citizen.
Simple enough, huh? So now if someone has a small amount of debt, I'm guessing less than 300,000 and doesn't owe a shitload in taxes (if you're worth over a half a mil you are held to be a tax evader, ipso facto) you could renounce your citizenship, find you a nice girl somewhere else, stay with her awhile and Tada! you have a new passport and with it, all the benefits a new identity affords you. Just a thought. I doubt it would be worth any creditors trying to track you down.

As far as joining the cult, that's just silly. You can figure that out for your self. Click Here

The Straight Dope

NY Post

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