Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Find Pruthviraj "Wolfboy" Patil, Win A Prize!

Aww man! I love Wolfboy! Granted, the source for this story is The Sun UK which is about as reliable a lifejacket made of prayers, but still, it's good news in my book. Now when I say they found a cure I obviously ain't talking about a razor, throwing lye in his face (a la Burt and Linda Pugachor) or laser removal. They tried all that shit, this kid's facial hair is the perennial engine that ain't taking no for an answer! It never stops growing! Well of course an American found a cure! More photos and story after the jump, oh yeah, for all you non-limeys out there, boffin means scientist, no one can agree on the etymology, but if you care about that stuff, the wikipedia entry entertained me for a few. Get at it.

Wolfboy has a a disease called hypertrichosis. And it isn't just his face that's covered in hair, it's his whole body. This kid has always had some hairy hairy balls!

So, "What's the cure! Tell us, Tell us!," you say! TESTOSTERONE!

WTF! "That's what my partner is taking to deepen her voice and GROW hair on her face and chest, BEFORE her operation," you say!

Yeah, yeah I know. But those boffins, they come up with the weirdest shit. My mother too. She told me at the age of four that whiskey tastes bad but it sure will fix a boo-boo...or a toothache or a bad day or the tv breakin or the car getting get my point. But she was right!

So maybe the boffins will be too! Alas, wolf boy, you may finally feel the wonderful sensation of a woman running her hand across your furry stubble of your nipples.

Wikipedia says only 19 people "suffer" from it. Teh sun says 50. Who knows. Go Boffins!

Wolfboy having a bad hair day.

Wolfboy getting ready for his annual yearbook photo.

Wolfboy, 30 seconds after shaving.

Story and photos stolen from the Sun!

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