Friday, January 23, 2009

Retards Can't Jump

Pictured: Leslie Leo, NOT on Dallas Academy's losing basketball team.

As you may or may not know, I'm from Texas and it's moments like this when I can actually be proud. I mean, come on, tell me another state in the union where if a basketball team full of female retards showed up on your schedule your coach would formulate and successfully execute his plan of "showing no mercy and beating these retards 100 - 0."

That's what I thought, only in Texas, where they take their high school sports AND their retards, very seriously.

Leslie's bio after the jump.

Leslie Leo's Bio:

SPORTS PLAYED: Track & Field, Soccer, Softball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, 5-pin Bowling and Swimming

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT PLAYING SPORTS: I like making friends, being part of a team, going to championships and being a champion!

FAVOURITE COLOR(S): Rainbows (editors note: rainbows is not a color)



FAVOURITE FOOD(S): Veggie Plates

FAVOURITE SONG: Don't be stupid by Shania Twain

BIGGEST FANS OR SUPPORTERS: My doctor, Doctor Village (editors note: wtf is this?

Leo, Leslie.

Retards get their asses whooped.

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Detex said...

the coach was fired...