Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week in Review: September 12, 2008

Election Tipping Point: Using a common American pastime as a current indicator for predicting the outcome of the presidential election; online gambling. (Skip adds: on that topic I had a lot of questions on where I would put my money. Easy, they are giving the Pats points over the Jets. Take monetary advantage of America's man-crush on Tom Brady and bet heavy on the Pats.) 

Thats Just Leaves...Gates and Seinfield: New form of advertising. Advertising nothing at all. Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield get weird in this extended version of a new series of Microsoft Vista ads.

Welcome To Colonel Klink Stadium:  Skippomac reports Nazis are the highest bidder for naming rights to the new Giants/Jets New York sports stadium. (Skip adds: Update... Under intense public pressure, discussions with Allianz have been terminated.)

Chucky Taylor: American Warlord: The first American to ever be tried for torture abroad, complete with first edition designed Chuck Taylor Classic Converse shoe.

Homemade Birthday Cards: Everyone still loves them, even Heather.

Science Explained...Large Haydron Collider: A moron's guide to understanding the supposed end of the world. You will know on October 21, 2008. Get informed.

Day of The Jackass Episode 2, Attack of the Clowns: Latest in our line of stories about stupid people who police (and/or the media) have decided at first glance must be modern day ninjas, out to change the status quo... at gunpoint.

Only In Africa: Recent condom commercial, African Style! with video and surprising ending.

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