Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day of the Jackass 3: The Moron Identity

Only this guy would have been arrested faster

So, another would-be-assassin grabbed at the last moment before tragedy. Apparently, he didn't read the earlier Day of the Jackass and Day of the Jackass 2: Attack of the Clowns posts, because he committed what has become the Achilles Heel of modern assassination attempts: speaking at length to law enforcement personnel immediately prior to the attack. 

According to the Chicago Sun Times, a man in his 30s showed up at the security checkpoint near Barack Obama's Chicago residence at about 5am this morning. He engaged in a rambling discussion with the officer on duty apparently trying to convince the cop that he was there to talk Obama into giving him a job:
Sources said the man inquired about getting a job, spoke about how he was a victim of crime and discussed how he was happy that an African-American was running for president. The man, a convicted felon, is African-American.
He gets points for a jump on the morning schedule, but the cop still told him to pack sand. He drove away, but then came back at which point the cops decided to arrest him and found a gun and bulletproof jacket in his car. The Secret Service really draws the line at weapons and armor.

Photo Credit: mugshotdujour.com (Note: if you are the guy from the photo and have a problem with its use, you should contact them. Seriously, I am terrified of you.)

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