Friday, September 12, 2008


Definitely a pairing I wouldn't have ever thought of, Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld continue in the spirit of the world's most appreciated form of philanthropy...laughter.

This commercial is bizarre, but really funny. I think they should make it into a TV show. Or a 7 part commercial series. Or just more of them. So many lines, I have to choose one? What? Dammnit! I'll just give you the one I remember, I'm having trouble concentrating. Video and quotes after the jump.

Father: (to children) was right here. That leather...giraffe...we got from Cabo...San...Lucas.

Mother: Jordan?

Jordan: I didn't take it.

Daughter: I didn't take it.

Father: It's been in our family for 6 years.

Son: Me neither!

Father: Well that just leaves...Gates and Seinfeld.

Yes it does. Enjoy the commercial and avoid the hurricanes.

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