Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Hasselhoff: Hooked On A Feeling (Ridiculous?)

Good grief. Nothing can Kill Hasselhoff's career. He's currently one of judges of America's Got Talent (a supposedly popular game show) where he witnessed the wonderful Lilia Stepanova, the world's greatest contorcherist prove that she had sooo much talent!

He now has opened his own social networking site, Hoffspace, where he revels in so much arrogance that if users have not yet added a photo to their Myspace-like page in order to fraternize with other Hoff lovers, then you have a default photo of the Hoff Man staring out at anyone who might visit you.

But then you run across the clip that I did today after the jump. It's him singing "Hooked on a Feeling" in a video that had the production budget of what he spent on that hamburger he so drunkenly destroyed a few months (years?) back. Here, he dresses up like an eskimo, does some jumpin shit with some african tribesmen, pulls some James Bond lookin trip, is followed all around the world by two little girls dressed up in homemade angel outfits and even throws some magic in there. This shit is HORRIBLE. I can't believe he would even want to promote this single--even in Germany. The full video and hamburger incident after the jump. My favorite part is 3:07 where he catches the samon while surfing over cloud and decides to hold it in his teeth...GREAT IMPROV!

This great find came from SmitHappens


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