Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 Steps to Getting Rich Quick from Mumbles

Step 1 to Getting Rich: Believe the Internet

Today I decided to look into the world currency market because I found this great ad that said I could make millions in no time by trading currencies. So I started to do some research and saw that the Zimbabwean Dollar is down 100% year to date. That's phenomenal. I mean, I showed you what Liberia was like, and you guys had never heard of Chucky Taylor. But I don't know why they would be having such economic problems? I always see that Zimbabwean president in the paper and he always did really well in the polls.. He's as famous as Obama! What for, I don't know, but it seems like with a president that famous, he could get some rock bands to play a concert or something to help out the economy. But, like always, it took me 2 seconds to get distracted from my research by a wonderful advertisement that looked like this:

Step 2 to Getting Rich: Pick a Name that's Easy to Remember

Click thru for the remaining secrets to your new found wealth.

Easy to get distracted, huh? I love great advertising! Especially advertising in Africa! So when I saw millionzimbabweandollar.com, I had to click! some genius had the idea of 1 million pixels for one Zimbabwean dollar each! The million zimbabwean dollars convert to about 1/1,000 of a cent before the recent redenomination of 10 billion old ZWD to 1 new ZWD. (See pick below for actual 250 million dollar bill)

Yes, I am being serious.

Like all good ideas, they usually come from an even better one and this is no different. He stole this idea from an even better one. Milliondollarhomepage.com:

Step 3 to Getting Rich: Create a Good Logo

This guy put this page up in August 2005 as a way to pay for his studies. A 1,000 x 1,000 pixel page (million pixels) to be sold for advertising at a dollar a pixel = $1,000,000 bucks. Not a chance you say? That's why you are a still living in your parents basement and he is a millionaire. You gotta take risks! Don't you remember Gordon Gekko?

Step 4 to Getting Rich: Take Risks

He sold them all for a total of $1,037,100. In less than 5 months. By word of mouth. Pretty amazing. So that's why I'm gonna take this one step better. Millionpoundhomepage.com! Cause pounds are worth more than dollars! I know, remember...I did research! I'll be twice as rich! And if that doesn't work. I'll just turn it into a social networking site. For fat people. Like this:

Step 5 to Getting Rich: Always Have a Contingency Plan

So there you are folks, free of charge, only at
(Note to self: see Step 2 to Getting Rich Quick...)


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