Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Remember when you were little? You used to make your mommy and daddy those wonderful homemade birthday cards and they used to get all warm inside and it didn't cost a thing? Well, guess what cheapskate, that still works. People always enjoy a homemade card, probably cause the ones in the store absolutely suck. Example after the jump and one I made for my ex girlfriend, just in case she ever invites me to one of her parties again.
See what I mean? I Think Bobby would be a little confused
if you gave him this one. Better off making your own.

Now for my ex, Heather. She deserves something really special. Something that encapsulates the past, the present and the future. Something that shows her that I will cherish the memories she gave me dearly and never forget them. Yet something subtle and not too over the top.

For the cover, I think I'll do this:

Simple, and not confusing...

And for the inside!...Something that really pops! (scroll down)

keep going....

keep going....

Simple, and not confusing...


I know this is old and you probably have seen it before but it still made me laugh. While on the topic of old and children's artwork and making you laugh, you know I gotta give you this one...MADDOX

Lost Dog poster from My[confined]space.

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