Monday, September 22, 2008

News you may have missed

Metallica fan's beard before the release of Death Magnetic.

Oh, boy. How many Metallica fans does it take to prove the bands modern day irrelevance? Apparently, only one. Metallica fan and uber-dork Mick Cassidy got all of England in a tizzy after finally shaving his 2 year old beard. Rest of story and more news you may have missed after the jump.

Cassidy had promised not to shave or ever get touched by a girl until his beloved Metallica released another album of their current crap. Well, alas, the album dropped Septemeber 12, 2008 and Metallia frontman wasn't doing anything important seeing as their last good record came out 17 YEARS AGO and went over and shaved the douchebag's beard for him. WTF does Death Magnetic even mean? Magnetized to death? If you want to see his real photodiary (yes he kept a photo diary) click here.Telegraph UK

Metallic fan after shaving beard and reveling with bottle of tequila.

Also, North Carolina proves its citizens are dumber than the citizens of South Carolina this past week by a cashier at the local Food Lion grocery store accepting a $200 dollar "Bush Bill" for $150 dollars in groceries. And the retard gave him the 50 bucks in change. Look closely at the back for the sign that says "We like broccoli." From the Smoking Gun

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