Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Stay Classy, Chicago": Nude Portrait of Palin

The boxes are for your protection.

Some Chicago dive bar has put up a nude portrait of Sarah Palin. Now before you get all excited for whatever reason, it is just an artist's rendering and it isn't very good.

The portrait was painted by the bar owner's husband. The bar itself apparently decided to use nude paintings as its schtick, although usually the paintings are of its regulars. Gets even creepier and less erotic from there. First of all, the painting looks more like Sally Jesse Raphael got a novelty painting from one of those guys who sits outside the zoo. Second of all, this:
Despite their political differences, Elliott admits to a bit of a crush on the Alaska governor. He began painting her smile and trademark glasses, he said, before filling in the details: a gun, red high heels, polar bear rug, rugged Alaska landscape and a scared moose. His daughter, who looks a little like Palin and does a great impression of her, served as model for the governor's body.
Turned on by Palin. Fine. Using your daughter as the model for a nude of the chick you are turned on by. Not fine. Creepy. Super creepy.

Place is called the "Old Town Ale House". My old man is in town on business, so I will try and talk him into a field trip and get some on-site reporting and original pics for you folks.

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mumbles said...

Wait...his daughter looks like Peggy Hill?