Thursday, August 14, 2008

"The Weirdest Clip Ever Made"

Well, you know that I'm really into advertising, like REAAALLY into it. I look at ad websites. I study ads in magazines, I cut them out them out and put them on my refrigerator and for the REALLYGOOD ones, roll them into little balls and put them under my pillows...

Shut up, I'm joking. But advertising does intrigue me. So, Nokia created a fucking, really trippy and weird website in mid July that contained a box with a series of puzzles needed to be solved to see "The Weirdest Clip Ever Made." Now I know I showed you some extremely weird clips with Barkies and with Chopsticks, but this shit is pretty weird. You can see it now and don't have to spend hours realizing your never gonna figure out the puzzles you have to solve to see it. I have no idea what the fuck they are selling. It's just weird. It's like a David Lynchian visual representation of a 90 day detox. You like that, huh? too.

Full video after the jump...

The website is really worth looking at too. I don;t know when was the last time you took acid, but it's a nice little trip down memory lane for those of you that don't want to be scratching your eyeballs out for a full EIGHT hours, but five minutes is ok.

Here is the best ad I've seen in awhile. Great for taking into bars. Click for a larger version.

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