Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin and Laura Roslin

So the Tina Fey comparison is easy, and we can expect to see lots made of that. But check out the uncanny similarities between the new presumptive Republican VP nominee and the current President of the remains of the Twelve Colonies (currently represented by a ragtag fleet fleeing cylon tyranny):

Left: Palin in a rare "hair-down" shot

Below: Roslin in a common "pensive" shot

I don't actually care much for the Roslin's policies (and, perhaps a little shamefully, I am fairly well-versed in the Roslin administrations activities). Palin has her beat in at least two departments; the first being that she is not a character on a science fiction television show and the second being that Palin is smoking hot, even not taking into account her age.

A gratuitous shot of her legs follows the jump as well as a couple other Battlestar Galactica/Campaign '08 comparisons.

The shots of Palin pre-Tina Fey look are actually hard to find, as are ones of her in her youth. I think this is evidence of her obscurity up to now, not evidence of a scrubbing of the internet, if that is even possible. If it is, I am sure the Hiltons would have figured out how to do it long ago. Here was a good shot of her legs, which are remarkable, all things considered and older ladies isn't even my thing. I will have to check with my buddy Scott, because older ladies are definitely his thing (Hello, you cougar-hunting bastard!):

The troubled Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is inappropriately cast most closely as Adama in that shot.

And now to the real-life casting of BSG in Campaign '08. I will try and get more but how about we start off with a perfect one: John McCain.

John McCain is easy, he shares a lot of traits, physical and personality, with the curmudgeonly Colonel Tigh. So easy, in fact that the comparison was made very convincingly at Literal Barrage way back in January:

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