Saturday, August 23, 2008

Separated by an ocean, lost by a sea...

These guys have douchebag written all over them, but this song is phenomenal. It makes me feel like wanting to wake up in the morning, like when I'm almost getting to the beach, like Friday or vacation. It makes my curmudgeonly self feel hopeful. And if you know dick about music you will love it on that forefront, as well. It has 5 or 6 parts which is atypical of a pop song, and this one is one of the representative pop songs of the modern age. It's OC, but i don't give a shit. My favorite lyric and song after the jump. I know, I'm gay. Tell my girlfriend. Let her know it's Saturday in Texas while you are at it. Now...where'd I put that drink...

"I hear you’re somewhere in the sand
and how I wish I was an ocean
maybe then, I'd get to sea you again"

that's wrong, he probably says see, but being separated by an ocean or sea makes you a lil' nostalgic. So does hawaiian drunch. Click for recipe. Happy Saturday, men.

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