Friday, August 29, 2008

Tax Cut Through the Shit

So, lots of rhetoric is and will be thrown around to characterize the tax plans of both candidates, but a fundamental analysis reveals a fairly clear distinction between them which coincide largely with the traditional positions of their respective parties. McCain subscribes to the "trickle down" tax cuts to some degree for everyone, but particularly for the wealthy; while Obama would like to increase taxes on the rich and reduce them for the lower end of the spectrum (I don't know if that has a label, "Robin Hood" economics, perhaps?). Whichever economic policy you subscribe to, you are presented with a clear choice in this election, so if this is your most important issue, look no further than this chart from the Washington Post (presented, through admirable restraint on my part, without comment):

A few more links available at the TaxProf Blog (via InstaPundit) and see this article for a more in-depth (although, admittedly, a biased and unflattering) look at Obama's tax plan which, unsurprisingly, has a bit more nuance to it. To avoid stoking the fires of the debate to revive the Fairness Doctrine, here is an equally unflattering review of McCain's plan.

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