Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 Reasons Why Crispin Glover Rules

1. He was in Willard (title character) and George McFly in Back to the Future. Willard is about a guy who summons up thousands of rats to take care of his scrooge like boss. The rats were real and he did his own stunts lets say.

2. He named his production company Volcanic Eruptions.

3. Oh yeah, his middle name is HELLION.

4. He's written approximately 15 - 20 books.

5. Back The Future II or whatever its called, he decided not be in it due to them not wanting to pony up the dough. The producers didn't give a shit though (talking about Steven Spielberg here), they hired another actor, threw a bunch of make-up on and said let's go. He got pissed and sued the. And Won. (were talking about Steven Spielberg here)

6. The Letterman Video.

7. He has this tattooed on his back.

No not really, I'm just kidding about that one. But if you are thinking this was a shitty list and that I'm just experimenting with listicle search engine postings to see if this really does drive traffic to your site, then you would be wrong and should revisit the previous post where I wax elegantly on what happens when you post quality content on your site. No but really, I just wanted to post that video.


Skippomac said...

He was also named after the St. Crispin's Day speech from Henry V (act 4, scene 3). Best speech in dramatic history.

From Brannagh's version:


forrest said...

that video was Awesome... coke, heroin, or both ... i'm voting for both. and i totally lost respect for Letterman for cutting him short .. that was quality material