Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So I was thinking the other day while I was destroying my dragon roll with my chopsticks, and thereby making a soy/rice soup, do Chinese people eat everything with chopsticks like we eat everything with silverware?

My old lady was not as intrigued by this as I was and saved it for my Chinese friend at work who said "No, We just use chopsticks for Asian food, moron." Well he actually hates me, but nonetheless he answered my question, cleared my mind and made me one step closer to understanding Asian subculture.

Then I saw this shit.

Ok, ok, ok. Notice in the previous post I said "the weirdest shit you've seen in a long time"? Attentiate on the past perfect grammatical construction.

You know those Asians be crazy.


Jon said...

Crazy weird video... "no thats a transvestite"

Jam On said...

Holy Shit Batman!