Friday, August 29, 2008

Time To Leave New Orleans

Not that anyone is turning to this site for their weather-related emergency advice, but if you are a resident of New Orleans, you need to pack up your shit and head north or east. Right now. Why you are there to begin with is a question for another day. From weather wiz Dr. Jeff Masters:
Conventional pre-Katrina wisdom suggested that the city needed 72 hours to evacuate. With the population about half of the pre-Katrina population, that lead time is about 60 hours. With Gustav likely to bring tropical storm force winds to the city by Monday afternoon, that means that tonight is a good time to start evacuating.
Computer models indicate the storm only has about a 10% chance of hitting New Orleans, but if there was a 10% chance my car was going to explode, I would probably be walking to work. Alternatively, you could grab your kite-surfing equipment and head down to the beach. Bring a helmet.

Actually described by some as a "Freak Accident". A kite hauling a kite surfer through the air by the force of wind isn't a "freak accident", it is "conforming to design specifications".

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