Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Finally! You know, my summer drink was getting kind of old (vodka and Hawaiian Punch, Yo!) but now I have a viable substitute for chillaxin.

I introduce you to Drank, "the anti-energy drink." I know this came out awhile ago, but my summer drink does make me miss things from time to time. I haven't seen anyone drinking it around my hood or at the barbecues I've been hanging out at so I assume the world has not been totally informed.

Back in Houston, this was popular, also known as syrup or lean. DJ Screw sure liked it and we liked DJ Screw so we wanted to drink the drank but never could get our hands on cough syrup with enough codeine to make it worthwhile. I would've mixed it with Dr. Pepper. Yum, yum!

But now a totally legal approach of getting your lean on totally absent of pharmaceuticals! However it does contain extremely gangsta amounts of melatonin, rose hips (huh?) and the kicker, valerian root. No, I know what your thinking, and it's not horny goat weed, so I'll save you that mistake right there. I wish someone would have done that for me, otherwise I wouldn't have a 12 pack of the nastiest shit I've ever tasted in my fridge. Valerian root is the stuff they told Tyler Durden to chew on when he couldn't sleep. Kanye needs to get on this shit, make that mutha chill the fuck out....

Just in case you would like to get a visual representation of what one would like while consuming Drank (and the company's probable target market) watch this.

So in short, I think I'll be sticking my lovely cocktail that I call Hawaiian Drunch. Recipe follows:

1 Big Gulp Cup
1 Bottle of Barton's Vodka
1 2 Liter of Hawaiian Punch (don't get the cheap stuff, treat yourself!)
1 bag of ice

Take cup and fill with ice, fill with vodka up to ice level (I like alot of ice) fill remaining space with Hawaiian Punch. Enjoy. This is healthy by the way, the HP contains 100% vitamin C.

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