Monday, August 17, 2009

Splitter 2, More Fun Than Fantastic Contraption

Months ago I started a series on becoming less productive at the workplace called TIMEWASTER. I found a couple of online games that were highly addictive, my favorite being Fantastic Contraption, a game that is governed by a few basic principles of physics. Using those laws you "build" contraption designed to move a little red ball from one place to another. The newest sibling of Fantastic Contraption is Splitter 2. Instead of building contraptions you deconstruct previously designed ones to move Splitter (a little yellow circle with a smiley face) from one place to another. You can "split" wood, ropes and whatnot to use gravity and motion to achieve the required tasks. Quite fun. Perfect for August at the office.

[WARNING: Ad starts automatically, I can't remove it, it's embedded in the game, turn off sound before the jump!]

To play Splitter 2, click through....

Due to technical difficulties, I'll place a link til I figure how to have it playable in Shittynet Explorer.

PLAY IT HERE if you still have IE on your computer, although I don;t know why anyone would use such garbage!

For Fantastic Contraption, Click HERE.
For Escapa or Red Square, click HERE.

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