Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Star Chinese Vodka : Getting Drunk on the Cheap

I was drinking this at a BBQ earlier this summer and had no idea what it was. I just saw 56%, and it really didn’t taste like 112 proof. I got blitzed and the girl said it cost like 4 dollars. Needless to say, I was in love. I took a photo with my phone and brought it to a Chinese guy in our IT dept o decode. He said it was for trashy drunks and I said I know, tell me what it is, I want some. So he says its called Red Star Er Guo Tou Jiu. I know the name isn't very catchy, I don't give a shit, that’s not China's forte. Getting you plastered on the cheap, however, undoubtedly is.

So I come to work today and guess what the dude from IT dept has for me? A huge bottle or the RED STAR! So I guess now I know they are good for something!

Do yourself a favor and pick you up some of this stuff in Chinatown to ensure you get your bang on with some high class bottle swillin slut at your last BBQ of the summer. Good Luck! For another Awesome article on booze, read about Drank and Mumbles Semi Home Made Drink o'the Summer, Hawaiian Drunch (Suck it Sandra Lee!)

Photo VIA, but he don't know shit, says it tastes like gas, but shit tastes damn good to me...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the readings...segal was funny. AmarachiBub

Natalie said...

Hahahaha I'm proud to be a high class bottle swillin slut goddammit!! If anyone could have found this bottle it would've been you!