Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winkers : Pants For Jackasses


File this in the why didn't think of that category. Actually, don't. These are pants that make your ass looks like it's winking at people who are staring at it. It's like, everyone's going, "Hey, look at how fat that dude's ass is! Oh gross! And how ill fitting his pants are!" And your ass puts on this little smirk like when a pederast finds out his catch is even younger than he thought, chuckles and WINKS as to go, "Yeah, I know I'm awesome."

But you're not. You're a complete dumbass. This stuff had to be made by the Brits. Just had to. Some limey was sitting around in his dreary ass flat and started watching reruns of Pamela Anderson's tits bouncing around and was all, "Wanker!!"

And he thought they would be really big in California or something. Ahh screw it, just watch the video after the jump.

From Dlisted

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