Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Highest Skydive Ever : Project Excelsior III

I was drunk and at a bar with the only guy that gets drunk with me at a bar nowadays and we started a discussion. Well it was more a yelling match cause that's what he does when he's not listening. Well I guess I should call it an interrupting match cause we were both yelling and spilling our drinks interrupting each other. Wait a minute, I wasn't at a bar, I was at work, but yes, we were still both drunk and yelling and interrupting each other. I know what your thinking and don't worry, it's ok to drink where I work, everyone there is dead, they can't smell it. Wait, no, what I mean to say is they are almost dead. Ahh, screw I work at a funeral home, ok?

So anyways, this guy has short attention span theater to the highest degree and I can only engage him from his iPhone when I am pointing at hot girl or talking about dumb shit like this. In order to when this interrupting contest, I am actually looking this shit up so we know the answer instead of pretending like we are the authoritative source on shit we know absolutely nothing about.

I'll give him this, he was right about the hot air balloon.

I posed the question of what was the highest altitude anyone had skydived from. Instead of whipping out his trusty iPhone and "easily solving it", he waxed and waned about some shit I don't remember. But here's the answer. 102,800 fucking feet or about 20 miles or about 3 times higher than any commercial airliner or about 31,300 meters. That's really high. He was way above the clouds. Dude couldn't even tell he was falling. Had no idea if he was up or down. First time he tried he lost consciousness and was only saved by an automatic suit. He went into a flat spin causing him to experience a g-force of 22 times the force of gravity. Yes he was wearing a pressurization suit and he reached the speed of sound. Only Bob Munden could wrap his head around that. He was freefalling for over 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Time from jump to landing was over 13 and a half minutes. He broke all existing records and still holds them today. Oh, and this was all done in 1960. And he has it all on camera. After the jump...

Info from here.
More info on this badass. HERE

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