Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jungbauernkalender : German Erotica Farm Girls Calendar

The Germans are famous for finding things erotic that most people wouldn't dream of, only second to the Japanese. Hell, they find Hasselhoff wildly entertaining. He's a bestselling musician over there, even after this cover/video catastrophe: HERE.

Staying true to typical mumbletomyneighbor fashion, I add another weird but sexy installment to the slowly growing "Calendar" tag on this site with the only other previous post on this topic being "Russian Nuclear Power Plant Goes Nuclear." Yes, the Russians or Putin made a calendar to that features ACTUAL employees of nuclear power plants that were obviously never close to the powerfully destructive Chernobyl.

However, the girls in this calendar are ALL hot. The previous, only a smattering. The difference lies primarily in the fact that a professional photographer, Jungbauern, was commissioned to cast and shoot it. He picks his ladies well. In addition to his goats, chickens and cows. They are shot scantily in the natural environment in the most artistic ways possible for this shoot. Let's just say, 2010 will be a good year. However, according to dead Mexicans, 2012, will not. For this Hollywood film studio, at least. Just kidding, every jackass in America will see it. If that includes you, you should feel ashamed.

After the jump, every girl, month by month. The above photo is December, of course. I was able to find them without the watermark so you can print them out, Photoshop yourself into them, shrink them and place them in your wallet as a girlfriend photo or on the dashboard of your shitty car or place them in your Megan Fox shrine, whatever it is that weirdos do. There is no nudity but there are few topless women covering themselves with a baby goat. Just kidding. About the goat part. Maybe NSFW. Don't forget to click to ENLARGE.

Buy It Here, I think?