Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ghana Mobile Movie Posters

There are two things you should know about Ghana. they are one of the world's largest producers of cocoa and that they made the most badass movie posters in the 1980's. Seeing as 30% live below the $1.25 international poverty line (yes, in other countries you have to make enough to buy a candy bar a day to be considered middle class) no one had televisions or VCRs. Some aspiring entrepreneurs got together to take advantage of these peoples lack of candy bars and brought the movies to them. In order to promote their arrival they would hire local artists to hand paint movie posters. Most of the artists never even saw the movies as evidenced by the CUJO poster above. The results are hilarious. After the jump I've collected a few. The last one is NSFW, unless looking at a hand drawn, big breasted woman getting attacked by cats is cool at your work, if so, then please let me know where you work. It's the poster for Stephen King's Sleepwalkers, by the way and the poster gives away the awesome ending. So thanks for that, Ghana.

I forgot to mention that these posters are really expensive. This Steven Seagal poster is going for $195.00. You can buy it HERE. Yeah right, like you have a $195.


Thanks for the link Larocca.


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