Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Japanese Sniper Prank or (Watch a Dude Piss Himself on TV)

We all know that people in Japan are crazy. Their sexual fetishes alone leave me in disbelief. But their attempts to outdo everyone rarely shows itself as often as it does on television. Youtube Japanese commercials and you'll get thousands of examples. Almost every one of them have nothing to do with the products they're hawking and make you feel as if you just dropped 2 sugarcubes of acid and are listening to Pink Floyd - The Wall at your local planetarium. Their game shows are awesome and apparently so is their version of Candid Camera...uh...I mean Punk'd, is way awesome. They bring some guy in to interview him and then pretend to snipe (assassinate) everyone in the room.

Dude thinks he's about to be murdered. Look at the cute girl in the inset laughing her ass off. Sure he pissed himself. Guy almost has a heart attack and then they all come in and start laughing that full bodied Japanese belly laugh that most idiots do after leaving a sushi restaurant drunk as an American skunk. This prank would only work in Japan. Watch the video after the jump.



detex said...

That is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

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