Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Badasses: Sudanese Rapper, Bangs

Click poster to enlarge print and hang on your wall, ceiling or cubicle.

Yo, Yo! So check out my boy Bangs here! Dopest rapper to come out of Footscray Australia via Egypt via North Khartoum, Sudan. That's hardcore, yo! You'd think his rhymes would be about the atrocities of Africa like Chuckie Taylor, but he doesn't roll that way. He's down with the pound as far as what sells in America so he autotunes the shit out of all his songs on such topics as: girls and taking girls to the movies. His debut album Hard to Be Up is in limited release and as of right now, you can only get it at an adult book store on a side street of Leeds St.

You gotta see his dope ass video for Take Ya to Da Movies. Click thru to get the lyrics exclusively here on Mumbletomyneighbor so you can be the first to spit'em on your local block's freestyle rap off. You can cop them as your own, he's still waaaay underground. But just wait, once this jam starts burning up the charts and is in constant rotation at Hot 97, you can say he stole them from you. Instant street cred, Yo! Word up!


Yeah your boy bangs
And this track is dedicated to all the ladies out there that like to go to the movies
Especially you girl.
Let me take you to the movies, shorty
I’m sure later on you will be my baby.
Let’s just sit down be by my side.
I got the popcorn I know what else you like.

Hey shorty, you really looking nice
Let me take you to da the movies cause I know you like.
You got nothing to worry about
Hold the popcorn and the drink
Let me pay the money so we can get in.
Now hold my hand
and take a step to the door
Don’t fall
Lets sit on those two chairs alone
Watching a movie
So we can see whats going on.
If you like to watch you can lean on my chest
Take a rest do you r best.
Baby Girl


I hope you enjoyed the movie Cause I did too
Anytime you wanna go again, Just holla at me
Baby girl we can make it to be better than before
Anything you want me to do, I can do it for sure.
You can be my Cinderella
When it rains, you can stand under my umbrella
I know it make us feel better
I'm not like other boys
I'm a different guy
coming from the sky
I never lie
Just let me know if you wanna go somewhere
Yeah Boy!

Hey shorty where you at where you going can I see you later
Cause I can see you busy right now meet me at the shop at 4 o’clock don’t forget and don’t be late
I can tell you what we do when you come back
I still remember what you told me take me to the movies Friday night,
that’s right what time it is now half past three my girl be back in about half an hour
let me go and take shower dress
good put some perfume so I can smell good

(Talks in baller voice)
Yea girl you can go to the movie any time you like
but guess who you gonna call your baby boy bangs
cause he still got chance you know I mean
yeah yeah that’s right roll um

Sings softly
Let’s just sit down be by my side.
I got the popcorn I know what else you like.

Take a gander at bangs special girl:

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stpete said...

The image of Bangs as Our Lady of Guadalupe is highly HIGHLY offensive to Catholic Christians, an image associated with many validated miracles and authenticity. It is blasphemous and I would suggest removing it. Whether you believe or not, it is not wise to mock the Holy Mother of the Lord. Peace. I'd be interested to know if this came from Bangs? I like his music but won't support stuff like the poster.

Tom said...

Ummm, I'm a catholic and I think it is funny, maybe you should lighten up? it's hip hop, get the fuck over it, if you don't like it, we don't care.

mumbles said...

Well said Tom. The poster is not a product of Bangs, you can only get it at . He too is Catholic, however, but not a Christian. He believes in the ubiquitous life slogan of "Mo' money, Mo' problems" and we all know that the Vatican has mo' money than all the hip hop rappers combined. Therefore, he chooses not to associate himself with that prelature of The Faith.

T said...

stpete, get a life

Wale Smoothty said...

Bangs is awesome... Africans are taking over.. watch another video here:

Anonymous said...

Bangs is very addictive! Heaps funny... I felt bad when i realized that he was serious. From someone who has experience in the industry, tell your friend to treat his errr music as parody, keep hittin em out but he should not take himself seriously. He has a real chance, coz i can't stop laughing! Good luck, if you upset a few religious folk, i am sure the movies yo girl goes to see with you are far worse... And that's real... Hahaha but seriously Bangs, many of us had a good laugh, thar clip became the greatest laugh of last year amongst many of us. Cheers