Thursday, July 17, 2008


So there's this guy that works with me. For the sake of respecting people's anonymity we'll just call him "Esteban". He's probably the only guy I work with that could roll with me through my hood and have a good time. Wait, no there's one more, but that's probably it. So he's coming in through the revolving doors downstairs and sees "this fine-ass chick just staring at me" and doesn't know what's going on. So he starts scoping her out when the next lady who comes through the doors points quietly and says "There she is...and she staring right at you." So Esteban now knows it's not in his head and all of a sudden some girl goes up and asks the woman for a photograph.

Now Esteban's like losing his mind now. His man junk is jumping around like a room full of ninjas and he grows a pair and walks up to talk to her. The conversation, paraphrased of course:

Esteban: I just wanted to tell you, you look beautiful today, miss.

Fineasschick: I know, but thank you.

Esteban: What brings you into this building?

Fineasschick: I was just doing an interview at the radio station.

Esteban: So what's your plans now? Why are you just waiting in the lobby?

Fineasschick: I'm waiting for my limo.

Esteban: Oh, that sounds nice, so you wanna go out or something tonite? I'll show you around?

Fineasschick: I would like to but i have to go out with my family tonite and we're leaving early for LA tomorrow.

Esteban: Awww, that's too bad. Well can I take a picture with you seeing as everyone else is and I don;t know ho you are?

Fineasschick:(Not believing what shes hearing...) I'm Kim Kardashian.

So now Esteban knows he's heard that name before (esteban lives in a cave by the way and doesn't read newspapers) and it's starts filtering through his mind and then it hits him, she's on the cover and centerfold of a a magazine he has at home he keeps under his mattress. Esteban takes a photo. He comes upstairs and tells me. Some days, I wish I was "Esteban".